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Al Gore, Vice President of the United States, official portrait 1994. The 2000 United States presidential election in Florida took place on November florida recount 2000, 2000, as part of the nationwide presidential election. Florida, a swing state, had a major recount dispute that took center stage in the election. After an intense recount process and the United States Supreme Court’s decision in Bush v. The process was extremely divisive and led to calls for electoral reform in Florida. Bush became the first Republican to win the White House without carrying Palm Beach County since the county’s founding in 1909. 1997 Miami mayoral election was tainted by scandal. This initiative occurred without sufficient protection of voting rights.

In particular, from summer 1999 to spring 2000, Florida’s voter list was subject to an unusually high number of problems. The state’s highest officials responsible for ensuring efficiency, uniformity, and fairness in the election failed to fulfill their responsibilities. The 2001 book Stupid White Men and other books described allegations of efforts to deny black citizens in Florida the right to vote. As a result of the state’s contract with Database Technologies, «173,000 registered voters in Florida were permanently wiped off the voter rolls. Initially, Florida had been considered fertile territory for Republicans.

It was governed by Jeb Bush, a staunch conservative and George W. Nonetheless, Republicans put significant advertising resources into the state, and later polls indicated that the state was very much in play as late as September 2000. Meanwhile, there was a heavy backlash in the Cuban-American population against Democrats during the Elian Gonzalez dispute, during which Janet Reno, President Bill Clinton’s Attorney General, ordered the six-year-old Cuban refugee to be returned to Cuba. On election day itself, the extent of the mix-ups in the electoral rolls was such that «in a number of precincts in Florida’s inner cities, the polling locations were heavily fortified with police. You can help by adding to it. New Mexico was decided by 366 votes but has a much smaller population, with those 366 votes representing a 0.

537 votes in Florida were just 0. Bush won 12 of 23 congressional districts. Technically, the voters of Florida cast their ballots for electors, representatives to the Electoral College. The electors of each state and the District of Columbia met on December 18, 2000, to cast their votes for president and vice president. The Electoral College itself never meets as one body. Instead, the electors from each state and the District of Columbia met in their respective capitols. The following were the members of the Electoral College from the state.

All were pledged to and voted for George W. Recount is a made-for-TV political drama about the 2000 US Presidential election. The previous closest statewide presidential elections were two in Maryland, that in 1832 being decided by just four votes or 0. 1904 by just fifty-one votes or 0. State and Wire Reports, «State voter rolls: Election official finds more than 50,000 felons, 18,000 dead registered», Panama City News Herald, 19 August 1998. The Jeb Bush formula: How the staunch conservative learned to talk moderate — and win».

In Sign Florida Is Now in Play, Bush Increases Buying There». Did the Jewish Vote Cost Gore the Election? Independents and the Elderly Lift Gore in Florida, Poll Says». The Geography of Presidential Elections in the United States, 1868-2004, p. Archived from the original on February 12, 2012. Florida Recounts Would Have Favored Bush But Study Finds Gore Might Have Won Statewide Tally of All Uncounted Ballots. Have you ever wondered how votes are counted after an election?

30 years of experience in municipal government and urban planning. As soon as the last voter has voted, the election judge at each polling place makes sure poll workers have sealed all of the ballot boxes and then sends them to a central vote-counting facility. If digital voting machines are used, the election judge will send the media on which the votes are recorded to the counting facility. The ballot boxes or computer media are usually transported to the counting facility by sworn law enforcement officers. In areas where paper ballots are still used, election officials manually read each ballot and add up the number of votes in each race. Sometimes two or more election officials read each ballot to ensure accuracy. Since these ballots are filled out manually, the voter’s intention can sometimes be unclear.

In these cases, the election judge either decides how the voter intended to vote or declares that the ballot in question will not be counted. This can also be an issue with punch-card ballots, as you’ll see. Where punch-card ballots are used, election officials open each ballot box, manually count the number of ballots cast, and run the ballots through a mechanical punch card reader. The software in the card reader records the votes in each race and prints out totals. If the total number of ballot cards read by the card reader does not match the manual count, the election judge can order the ballots recounted. Problems can occur when the ballot cards stick together while being run through the card reader, the reader malfunctions, or the voter has damaged the ballot.

In extreme cases, the election judge can order the ballots to be read manually. Utah County Election office employee processes a mail-in ballot cast in the 2018 mid-term election. In most other states, voters are required to request an absentee ballot. Vote-by-mail has proven extremely popular with voters because of its convenience and its potential for avoiding the COVID-19 pandemic health risks associated with large crowds at in-person polling places. Despite claims that the use of mail-in ballots increases fraudulent voting, several anti-fraud protections are built into the process. Once local election officials receive the mailed ballot, they check the voter’s name to ensure the person is registered to vote and is casting their ballot from their registered address. Once those facts are confirmed, the sealed ballot is removed from the outside envelope containing the voter signature to ensure that the voter’s preferences remain confidential.

There is simply no basis for the conspiracy theory that voting by mail causes fraud. With the newer, fully computerized voting systems, including optical scan and direct-recording electronic systems, the vote totals may be transmitted automatically to the central counting facility. In some cases, these devices record their votes on removable media, such as hard disks or cassettes, which are transported to the central counting facility for counting. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly half of all Americans use optical-scan voting systems, and about a quarter use direct-recording voting machines. Like any electronic device, these voting machines are vulnerable to hacking, at least in theory, experts say. Whenever the results of an election are very close, or problems have occurred with the voting equipment, one or more of the candidates often demand a recount of the votes.

Some state laws call for mandatory recounts in any close election. The recounts may be done by a manual hand count of ballots or by the same type of machines used to make the original count. House of Representatives has passed legislation intended to reform the voting process and protect future elections. While the Senate Judiciary Committee has advanced two similar bipartisan bills on election security, they have yet to be debated by the full Senate. In addition, several states have announced plans to replace their current voting machines and computerized vote-counting systems with more modern and hacker-proof equipment before the 2020 presidential election. Election officials in 31 of the 37 states hoped to replace their equipment before the 2020 election.

In 2002, Congress enacted the Help America Vote Act, which allocated funds to help states strengthen their election security. How Does Vote-by-Mail Work and Does It Increase Election Fraud? 2020 General Election Early Vote Statistics. FEC Commissioner: ‘No Basis’ for Trump Claims Voting by Mail Leads to Fraud. Voters Use Electronic or Optical-Scan Ballots. Pew Research Center, 30 May 2020. The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine.

The New York Times, The New York Times, 21 Feb. Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election. States Rush to Make Voting Systems More Secure as New Threats Emerge. The New York Times, 26 July 2019. Voting Machines at Risk: Where We Stand Today. Brennan Center for Justice, 5 March 2019.

How the Votes Are Counted on Election Day. Does It Really Take Too Long to Vote? This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. All market data delayed 20 minutes. President Biden included in his plan. While the White House applauded the group for its work, it seems clear-eyed about its shortcomings. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki in a statement. After Republicans held their press conference announcing the proposal, President Biden told reporters that he had called Sen.



Senate Democrats would need to win the cooperation of the moderate faction of their party in order to pass the bill through reconciliation. That route will require all 50 Democrats to vote in lockstep — something that won’t happen while the likes of Sen. Everything in moderation The ever-crucial moderate Manchin responded enthusiastically to the proposal’s unveiling, but signaled that more work needed to be done. This is a wonderful step in the right direction. The Democrats face a tight deadline of their own, however: the 2022 midterm elections, with it being extremely unclear if the party’s thin majorities in Congress will survive the next electoral cycle. That gives the party a brief window in which to pass their priorities. The waiting is the hardest part.

It’s not real’ The progressive wing of the party, meanwhile, has seen enough. Warren and Sanders, was dismissive of the counteroffer. TPM and a contributor to the Josh Marshall Podcast. Talking Points Memo, based in New York. He previously worked for the Kyiv Post in Ukraine, covering politics, business, and corruption there. A lot of things have happened. Non-members are still able to read comments, but will no longer be able to participate.

TPM strives to build as inclusive a community as financially possible. We offer FREE memberships to those experiencing financial hardship and FREE memberships for students. Bush’s win in Florida gave him a majority of votes in the Electoral College and victory in the presidential election. Bush led the election-night vote count in Florida by 1,784 votes. The small margin produced an automatic recount under Florida state law, which began the day after the election. That first day’s results reduced the margin to just over 900 votes. Once it became clear that Florida would decide the presidential election, the nation’s attention focused on the manual recount. The Florida election was closely scrutinized after Election Day.





Due to the narrow margin of the original vote count, Florida Election Code 102. 141 mandated a statewide machine recount, which began the day after the election. It was ostensibly completed on November 10 in the 66 Florida counties that used vote-counting machines and reduced Bush’s lead to 327 votes. Once the closeness of the election in Florida was clear, both the Bush and Gore campaigns organized themselves for the ensuing legal process. On November 9, the Bush campaign announced they had hired George H. Following the machine recount, the Gore campaign requested a manual recount in four counties. Florida state law at the time allowed a candidate to request a manual recount by protesting the results of at least three precincts.



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The county canvassing board was then to decide whether to do a recount, as well as the method of the recount, in those three precincts. Meanwhile, the Bush campaign worked to stop the recount. On November 11, it joined a group of Florida voters in suing in federal district court for a preemptive injunction to stop all manual recounting of votes in Florida. On November 13, the federal court ruled against an injunction. On November 14, the original deadline for reporting results, with the Volusia County recount complete, Bush held a 300-vote lead. The same day, a state judge upheld that deadline but ruled that further recounts could be considered later. Florida’s secretary of state, Katherine Harris, a Republican, then gave counties until 2:00 p.

November 15 to provide reasons for recounting their ballots. As the manual recounts continued, the battle to certify the results intensified. On November 17, Judge Terry Lewis of Leon County Circuit Court permitted Harris to certify the election results without the manual recounts, but on the same day the Florida Supreme Court stayed that decision until it could consider an appeal by Gore. On November 21, the Florida Supreme Court ruled unanimously that manual counts in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties must be included and set 5:00 p. As the manual recounts progressed, most of Florida’s counties were considering overseas absentee ballots. That part of the vote count was completed on November 18, increasing Bush’s lead to 930 votes.

Election officials manually read each ballot and add up the number of votes in each race. The Court suspended the manual recount — extended the statutory deadline for the manual recounts. It simply embroiled Members of the Court in partisan conflict — the proceedings leading to the present controversy are discussed in some detail in our opinion in Bush v. Ordered the six, other networks were hearing the objections and reaching the same conclusion. 000 ballots in Miami, the case of Palm Beach Canvassing Board v.

November 26, when Harris certified the statewide vote count with Bush ahead by 537 votes. Supreme Court convened on December 1 to consider Bush’s appeal. On December 4, the Court ordered the Florida Supreme Court to clarify its ruling that had extended the certification date. On December 9, the Court suspended the manual recount, in progress for only several hours, on the grounds that irreparable harm could befall Bush, according to a concurring opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia. Meanwhile, on December 6 the Republican-controlled Florida legislature convened a special session to appoint a slate of electors pledged to Bush, as the U. Constitution bestows upon state legislatures the duty to determine how its state’s electors are appointed. On December 12, the same day as the U.

Supreme Court ruling, the Florida House approved awarding the state’s electoral votes to Bush, but the matter was moot after the Court’s ruling. On December 13, Gore conceded the election to Bush in a nationally televised address. During the recount, controversy ensued with the discovery of various irregularities that had occurred in the voting process in several counties. Among these was the Palm Beach «butterfly ballot», which resulted in an unusually high number of votes for Reform Party candidate Pat Buchanan. Also, before the election, the Secretary of State’s office had expunged tens of thousands of citizens identified as felons from the Florida voting rolls, with African-Americans identified on some counties’ lists at up to five times their share of the population. Democrats claimed that many of these were not felons and should have been eligible to vote under Florida law. Political commentator and author Jeff Greenfield observed that the Republican operatives in Florida talked and acted like combat platoon sergeants in what one called «switchblade time», the biggest political fight of the century. On the other hand, he said, Democrats talked like referees with a fear of pushing too hard, not wanting to be seen as sore losers. While Democrats did make their way down to Florida, there was nothing like the certainty or the passion that ignited Republicans. For all the furor over Palm Beach, it was black precincts where voters had been turned away, denied a ballot because some had been mislabeled as felons, blocked from voting because of bureaucratic bungles, or because the huge increase in black turnout had overwhelmed local officials.

Various flaws and improprieties in Florida’s electoral processes were immediately apparent, while others were reported after later investigation. Democratic State Senator Daryl Jones said that there had to have been an order to set up roadblocks in heavily Democratic regions of the state on the day of the election. The Voting Section of the U. On November 8, Florida Division of Elections staff prepared a press release for Secretary of State Katherine Harris that said overseas ballots must be «postmarked or signed and dated» by Election Day. Harris did send out a letter saying that absentee ballots without postmarks must be discarded, but Florida’s Attorney General subsequently said they should not be. On November 13, Harris issued her first statement on overseas ballots, saying that they had to be «executed» on or before Election Day, not «postmarked on or prior to» Election Day. Over Thanksgiving, 14 county boards decided to include 288 overseas ballots that had been rejected days earlier, an act that was dubbed the Thanksgiving stuffing.

On November 14, Democratic lawyer Mark Herron authored a memo on how to challenge flawed ballots, including overseas ballots cast by members of the military. The Herron memo gave postmark and «point of origin» criteria that Herron maintained could be used to challenge overseas ballots. It was in line with a letter sent out by Harris stating that if a postmark was not present on an overseas ballot, it had to be thrown out. Four counties distributed sample ballots to voters that differed from the actual ballot used on election day, including Duval County, which used a caterpillar ballot, so called because the list of presidential candidates stretched over two pages. The instructions on the sample ballots said «Vote every page». Duval County were rejected because of votes for president on each page. Between May 1999 and Election Day 2000, two Florida secretaries of state, Sandra Mortham and Katherine Harris, contracted with DBT Online Inc. 294 million, to have the «scrub lists» reworked.

Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris was ultimately responsible for oversight of the state’s elections and certification of the results, even though she had served as a co-chair of the Bush campaign in Florida. The Brooks Brothers riot: A raucous demonstration by several dozen paid activists, mostly Republican House aides from Washington, flown in at Republican Party expense to oppose the manual recount in Miami-Dade County. Several websites sprang up to match Nader supporters in swing states like Florida with Gore supporters in non-swing states like Texas. For example, the Nader supporters in Florida would vote for Gore, and the Gore supporters in Texas would vote for Nader. The actions of the Florida Supreme Court. At the time, 6 of the Court’s 7 justices were Democrats.

It was argued, particularly by Republicans, that the court was exceeding its authority and issuing partisan rulings biased in Gore’s favor. While the Bush campaign opposed the Gore campaign’s requests for manual recounts in four heavily Democratic counties, they quietly accepted manual recounts from four Republican-leaning counties. Many voters in Palm Beach County who intended to vote for Gore actually marked their ballots for Pat Buchanan or spoiled their ballots because they found the ballot’s layout to be confusing. The ballot displayed the list of presidential running-mate pairs alternately across two adjacent pages, with a column of punch spaces down the middle. On The Today Show of November 9, 2000, Buchanan said, «When I took one look at that ballot on Election Night  it’s very easy for me to see how someone could have voted for me in the belief they voted for Al Gore. She said that she used both sides of the ballot in order to make the candidate names larger so the county’s elderly residents could more easily see the names.

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